Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Updates on Ruby & Roman

What a blessing to log on today and see that Tami from our agency had sent us updates on Roman and Ruby!!! Roman is no longer the teensy weensie little peanut that he's shown in the past two updates! His cheeks are pudgy and fat, well rounded and his little wrists are chunky with rings around where the fat meets his hand! I am so thrilled about this! His medical report says that he anticipates eating and smiles at his caregivers. They also say he is an active and healthy child! Yeah!!!
Ruby is CRAWLING! I am so sad we are missing this, but so happy that she is healthy and active and motivated!!! I think I can anticipate a strong willed child??? She also seems very serious in all the pictures and her medical report does not indicate that she smiles, but I'm sure she does. And, I must mention that she has quite the baby 'fro going on!!! Her little head is covered in what seems to be tight little curls! So, I will definitely be purchasing a lot of ribbons and bows, beads and bands! =)
Both children have had several tests and all are negative. Neither have teethed, contrary to an initial update saying that Roman had two teeth already. Whew!

For my OKC pals, Andrew will have pictures to show off next week! You won't believe the difference in these kids! Especially Roman!

May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday. We have SO MUCH to praise God for!


Monday, November 17, 2008


YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Right now my heels are clicking and I'm jumping up and down in excitement!!!! It's quite a picture, if only you could see me!
December 29 is our family's lucky day! A favorable letter from MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) is our key to bringing home babies and we're set after that to make travel plans.

I called Andrew at work in Oklahoma City to tell him the awesome news! He didn't answer his cell so I just took it upon myself to call his office line (hee hee)...ends up that he accidently left his cell in the hotel!

Did anyone notice that I inadvertently put Dec. 29th as one of my poll dates? How amazing is that! Yes, I'll take that as another GOD sign! You can take it anyway you want but I do not believe in just routine coincidences. So, for those of you who voted Dec. 29, I'm pretty sure that it was a sweet angel who guided your hand to that button! =) Can't you just imagine that picture? I can. It might not really mean anything but to me it makes an awesome story!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby(s) Shower!

Last week I went to Oklahoma City for a few days to see where Andrew works and has spent each work week for the past (almost) six years. I met lots of wonderful people (Hi Judy, Jeanie, April, Pat...I'm sure I'm missing someone! =) and noticed that Oklahomans are very friendly everywhere we went. Even though I was only there a short time, the office staff threw together a lovely shower for us. They totally spoiled us and the babies, giving us clothing, blankets and gift cards! Even though it was the first time they had met me, they treated me like an old friend. I was very touched that so many of Andrew's co-workers made me aware of how much they think of my husband. I am a very blessed wife. I am proud that so many people think so highly of Andrew's work ethic. Yes, he is stubborn and bull headed...or as I like to call him, a "silver back gorilla". But, a lovable gorilla!

Anyway, I will post some pictures of some of the gifts we received when I get batteries for my camera.

And yes, we're still waiting on a court date for Ruby and Roman! Please keep those prayers going...and vote at my poll if you haven't already!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Praying for a court date

I'm posting less and less lately because I hate to keep writing "We're waiting on this, or that, or nothing new to report!"
But here it is..."We're waiting on a court date...still!" I spoke with our agency director and she said court dates are coming in through mid December. She was not very optimistic that we would get a December court date, but possibly early January and then we will travel in February. Ugh. We really NEED to travel in January due to the rates for airfare going up after then. Since we have been saving to fly exclusively by United points, we really would like to be able to do this and not have to pay a huge sum of money on top of the points. Right now we have enough points for all of us to fly business class to Ethiopia...after the end of January, not so likely. We may be spoiled, but on a 19+ hour flight, we'd really like to stay in business class, all together, too.

Anyway, enough whining...I am adding another poll! Since the last one was SO successful (hee hee) I'm hoping this one will bring us good luck, too!
Please vote for which date you think we'll get our court date on!

And please, keep our court date and travel plans in your prayers. Right now that is the best thing you all can do to help us out. We love you!

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