Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The "Golden Ticket"...the adoptive parents first proverbial baby kicks...the document we all wait for in this journey to bring home our children from far away...the coveted I171H arrived today in my mailbox! Are we excited? OH WAY YES!!!!!

In my haste to open the envelope, I got the nastiest paper cut ever. I couldn't open it all the way because I was dripping blood all over. Not wanting to mess up our precious piece of paper, I waited until I drove down the driveway and got indoors...put a bandaid on and THEN read the form. Yipppeeeee. This is truly a good day. I just wish Andrew & Chloe were home to enjoy and celebrate with Elliot and I. I'm baking chocolate chip cookies to celebrate...and you all know that for me to bake anything is pretty miraculous. I must be excited!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

I AM NORMAL (hee hee)

Update on the head injury: Had a CT scan last week, results: NORMAL. (I swear, that's what the doctor said!) Of course a very bruised head was affirmative and the explanation of the near constant headaches...was also prescribed vicoden for ongoing head and neck pain. The nurse said there is a likely possibility headaches could continue for several weeks until the bruising is completely gone. I am very thankful that my injury is not worse AND that my family was close by and gave me immediate care. They are the BEST!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DOH!!! (must be the head injury!) =)

Ok, here's another funny for the week...I said I was a zealous 38 year old in my previous weekly funny. I'm such a dork! I'm only 37. Why am I trying to age myself...I'll blame it on my bruised cranium!
Oh, where is my vicoden?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No Golden Ticket

Just an adoption update since I've been filling this "adoption blog" with everything else BUT news on adoption. (That is our governments fault since they are taking so long on our forms!)

This may be the shortest entry yet. NO NEWS. We're still waiting for our I171H to arrive from Yakima.


This week's funny accident

Hello, well, here I am back from near death...oh, I feel like I can be melodramatic right now. My "funny" involves me. It's actually not really funny, but I'll try to look at it this way. There have been several episodes since my accident happened that really are quite humorous, though.
First off, on Friday we were putting in new goat fencing. The T-post driver/pounder weighs about 25-30 lbs (I really should weigh it cuz I'm sure it's actually 150#s). The ground is very dry and hard. This combination is deadly when a 38 year old overly zealous woman decides to pound with all her might and get that dang post in! Well, instead, I ended up bringing that pounder right down on top of my head. After viewing several stars and falling to the ground, my family raced to my side. I was conscience and was able to talk and answer questions. My husband told my kids to get ice for my head and I said "Have them grab a bag of corn"...thinking of course that this would be quicker than filling a bag of ice. Well, (and I just love this part) my 9 y/o raced to the rescue. He arrived in seconds with a ziplock bag of 4 ears of frozen corn. Even though my head was on fire, I giggled at this sweet little boy running to grab the corn on the cob! My 12 y/o brought a bag of frozen cherries and that worked really well! I suffered a lump that filled the entire palm of my husband's hand. I am still having some side effects and will see the doctor this week. I'm sure it is nothing but I want to take any scary thoughts completely away that have been lurking in the back of my mind.
But I'll tell you, it's sure a GREAT reason any time I mess up on something! Ooops, forget to put the laundry in the dryer? Oh yea, I have a head injury. Broke a dish? Don't forget, I got a head injury! Can't remember which kid you are and I'm calling you by each pet's name? Ooooh, my aching head! (See? Funny stuff). I'll post more on this when I get the all clear from my doc!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy week

Well, our annual fireworks show went off successfully! I wish I had pictures to post. It was a fantastic show. Andrew outdid himself. I think maybe he considers the fact that next year we'll have additional mouths to feed and therefore might have less to spend on pyrotechnics! We ended up having a turn out of about 80 people altogether. It sprinkled a little bit but during the show it was nice and dry. Yea!

This week is CRAZY! Both kids are in music camps, we have three birthdays to celebrate, three family members are leaving to go home tomorrow and I have a very lengthy doctors appt. to attend as well. My kids are going to spend the night with some dear friends so I don't have to haul them out in the early a.m. (Thank you Jeanie! =)

Next week is our church campmeeting and we actually reserved a tent site for the very first time. That's what happens when you have a very social 12 y/o who wants to see her friends and go to her meetings. I'm so proud of both my kids. They actually really enjoy attending church functions and being a part of a Christ centered activity. We'll probably only spend the night out there twice but it'll be fun and at least appease the kids a little bit.

I added another blog site that is one of my favorites. With Eyes Like Mine is always very insightful and Valerie always has something great to write about. I hope you'll visit her blog. She recently added a list of common Ethio names. COOL!

Have a sunny week!

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