Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pee Pee, Poo Poo and lots of drool

I've unofficially~officially started potty training Ruby. She is 19 months old and has actually gone pee pee on the potty once. It was probably a fluke, but since she was able to do this and has since told me that she has the urge, I think she's ready to start slowly.
She also will indicate that she is poopy. We started waving our hand in front of our noses to show her she stunk when messy and now she will do the same to tell us to change her diaper. Today, she woke up and grabbed her diaper area. I asked her if she needed to go potty on the toilet and she nodded her head "yes". I put her on it and ~Nothing~. But, no biggy. She'll do it when she's ready. For now, we're making it fun and interesting so that when she is ready, it's not scary or intimidating.
She did go poo poo in her diaper about an hour later and she told me by plugging her nose and saying "Woooooo EEEeeeeee!" Then waving her little hand past her nose! LOL!!!

Roman is getting his first molars still so there is a lot of drool coming from his mouth...constantly! He tried to wipe his own mouth yesterday as it was bothering him like crazy. At first I thought he had a long hair in his mouth but realized it was just his slime. He is almost walking. He will stand a lone for brief periods of time and has taken 2-3 extremely small baby steps. He's coming a long, though. For the rough start he had, we are amazed at his tenacity!

We have stayed well and none of us have gotten any form of the flu. I am successfully fighting off a cold but I don't think it's going to come on full force. We have had so many friends get sick. H1N1 or whatever. I've pretty much been hibernating my family except for taking Chloe and Elliot to school and picking them up. Doing grocery shopping requires me to really wipe down the shopping cart. Thank goodness where I shop they have the Clorox wipes to clean everything right there by the carts! The babies really enjoy riding in the little car carts w/ steering wheels, too! Who knows what runny nosed, coughing child rode there last, so I wipe them down extra well! This, coming from a mom who is so totally not paranoid.
I just don't want to get sick! For me to be sick would be really bad. Since Andrew is gone all week, it's up to me to keep the family on track and everything here at home running smoothly.

Well, it's almost time to boogy into town to pick up C&E. They are having a great year so far. Chloe will be running for either Class President or Spiritual VP. She is already on the social committee in charge of planning the rest of the year activities. 8th grade! Where has the time gone? Wasn't she just in kindergarten? Blink, blink!!
And Elliot has started up orchestra again. His humor and nurturing always amazes me. You'd think his sole purpose on earth was to entertain and adore Ruby and Roman. He is the most caring and loving 11 year old brother I've ever seen.

I am SO proud of my children.

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