Friday, June 5, 2009


Some firsts to document! Ruby has taken her very first unassisted steps! She took a few the other day in order to yank on the cats tail and when he bit her, she tried to go back and swat at him again! But he was too quick for her baby steps! Then today, Chloe told me that Ruby took another four or five steps! Yippeee. (I think! I may regret those words!) Ruby is almost 15 months old.
Roman has officially sat up by himself today! At 10 months, I was beginning to wonder if the lil guy even had a spine...I've been calling him noodleback! No crawling yet. He just figures that he can roll everywhere, so why should he learn crawling? :D
Summer has officially started in our home. The 2008/09 school year ended today and I now have an 8th grader and a 6th grader! I'm not looking forward to a summer filled with "I'm bored" and "What's there to eat?"...But I am looking forward to fun in the sun, at the river, at the coast, a trip to eastern WA & OR to visit friends and some annual camping trips. We also will have our annual Fireworks party again this year. We were debating on it and Andrew just can't stand the thought of no party to set off his homemade smoke bombs and his magnificent displays!

And more...

New Pictures!

Concert in the park (actually, Elliot playing for us in the yard!)
Pluck that upright, boy!!

Chloe's baptism by Pastor Aaron! It was a beautiful day!

Ruby w/ Whoville hair!
Wondering what it's like to be the dog and then later, jamming on the keys! Ruby loves the piano!

I just got my finepix to work and saw there are 97 pictures to upload! I'm sure every single one is of a baby or at least a baby in the background somewhere! I'll try to show the very cutest ones (t-heee!) and not overwhelm everyone. (I've got my work cut out for me!)
PS: Judi M...if you are reading this...these are for YOU! I hope you are enjoying retirement and having a wonderful early summer! If you see anyone from the state offices, tell them hello for us!
On a rather warm day, I laid Romy down for a nap in just his diaper...when he awoke, he had discovered how to remove it!

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