Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Pics


I can't believe it's been so long since our blog was last updated. That's what joining Facebook will do to a person! LOL.
This is a true statement. I get on there and keep up with everybody and forget what I did before joining...obviously my poor little blog has been completely abandoned!

But besides that, I recently lost my oldest sister, Julie, to cancer. She passed away Sept. 5 at 11:46pm. She was 52. The blessing is that each one of us were able to say goodbye and tell her we love her. We are confident that we will see her again in the clouds of glory when Jesus comes to take us all home. She is a peace now.

Well...let's see...updates, updates, updates. Ruby is 18 months now. Running all over the place and helping with everything she can. She is such a little mommy. She is quick to tattle on anyone, including the pets. "MOM! Uh OH!!!, MOM!!!" and she will take her little finger and point to the culprit. She also loves throwing things into the trash can. Thank goodness she has a good eye for what is garbage. Never one to put things in her mouth, she is good at throwing away gum wrappers, tags from clothing and lint. Ruby folds her hands to pray and says "Pay, Mom, Pay!" She loves to pray and we often find ourselves folding our hands and bowing our heads many, many times per day. Not as verbal as I would think she should be, Ruby does say a few words as mentioned in other posts. She says "Baby, kitty, hot, Delta" (one of our dogs), and several others. Ruby enjoys doing "big girl" things. And, often times, she amazes us on how grown up she really is. Ruby eats with a baby fork, blows on her food, wipes her face with a napkin, tries to comb her hair and loves rubbing lotion on her tummy and face.
Bath time is a favorite with both babies. Ruby loves to "wash" Roman. I can't say he likes it, but she tries her best to wash his back and face with the wash cloth. Ruby still only has four teeth! Sheesh!

Roman is 13 months old and doing the power crawl. He has a very lean but super strong physique. He is a go getter and has no problem going after what he wants. Trying to take something away from him usually ends in a struggle and whoever is quicker wins. Being a biter, a head butter and a hair puller gets Roman a lot of attention. But that ever beautiful, ornery smile and vivacious personality wins over every time.
Roman folds his hands to pray and says "Deedus" (Jesus). He also has said "gramma", "Hi", "Bye" and a few others. He hasn't said a lot of words yet either, but he is very verbal. He loves to scream and talk in his own jibber jabber.
Roman loves the dogs and cats. He will spend endless amounts of time chasing them. One cat will play back and delights in hiding in high places, ready to pounce on top of this determined little baby!
Roman has seven teeth and the 8th is trying hard to come through.
Roman loves people and flirts with everyone. He is quite the charmer and I'm thinking I'll have to watch that cutie pie as he gets into his teen years! LIKE A HAWK!!!

Ruby and Roman's favorite toys are their little piano and other musical instruments. Both LOVE standing at our family piano and will play there as long as I let them. This is usually a lock out zone for them as it's an entry way into a whole lot of baby litter, bathrooms, etc. So, standing at the piano is quite a privilege!

Well, for now I need to sign off. I have some writing to do for my sisters service on Saturday. I'm supposed to be writing a life sketch. I've read back over this blog (what I've just written) and it's clear to me that I'm in no mood for writing. I'm just not "ON"... ;)

Here are some pictures though! We've been taking them like crazy. Our family is growing up way too quickly! Enjoy!

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