Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogging issues!

Ugh. Don't know why but my blog is having issues and as you'll notice by my recent birthday tribute to my sweet 16 year old, the font layout is wierding out!!!

16 years ago...

There was no snow on the ground but weather people were predicting it was coming. I was 39 weeks pregnant & scheduled for a routine exam by my amazingOB, Dr. Nakamura.

My mom and I headed into town for my exam. On the way, it started snowing. During my appointment, it snowed so much that Dr. Nakamura decided to admit me into the hospital because he didn't want us to venture home in that weather. Besides, that little baby in my tummy was trying to come out 10 days early!

After being admitted, Drs. orders were to WALK, WALK and then WALK some more. Throughout the course of the day, my mom and I had discovered every inch of that hospital as well as the mall across the street, which had access to the hospital via a winding tunnel. By late afternoon when Andrew could get off work, I was so through (!!) with walking and just wanted to sleep. That sweet little girl nestled inside of me was also worn out and wasn't moving much, but enough so that I was dilated to 8.

During the course of my day, I made plans to meet up with my best friend and her husband for ice cream. It sounded like a great idea at the time...But good thing my smart Doctor kept me at the hospital. I was dilating and effacing all over the place and doing all that gobbily gook that you do when about to give birth to something that should not come out of such a small space. Just before my BFF walked through the door, the nurse had broken my water. In walks BFF and hubby as I stood up...and KERSPLATTTT!!! There went this massive flood, all over the floor.

I truly almost barfed from embarrassment. What was this new and fairly horrifying experience? I'd heard once that if you are in a supermarket and your water breaks, grab a jar of pickles and throw on the floor. Nobody will know it was you. *(Except they'll all wonder why you pee'd your pants, too!!)

The Epidural was an EPIC FAIL and the anesthesiologist decided to go home and not tell anyone he had a patient in active labor (how did he get away with that??). My memory gets foggy after that. I think the pain was so unbearable & I vaguely recall the Dr. saying that “everyone poops during delivery, even if they swear they did not”.

Finally the time came to get that kid outta there! After what seemed like forever (and a TON of pain), a tiny, very blue, goopy baby arrived! Dr. Nakamura told my husband, "If you're going to cut the umbilical cord, DO IT NOW!!" He pulled the cord gently and quickly from around her little neck so she could breathe easier. Her daddy cut the cord and was surprised at how difficult and strangely rope like it really was. The nurse rushed that baby girl away and helped to get her coloring a bit better (spanked her?? LOL j/k). Apgar was a 2, then jumped miraculously up to an 8. It was only then that they told me her cord had been wrapped around her neck twice!

When we got to hold that precious baby girl, her daddy took one look at her and said "Yes, She is Our Chloe Drew!!" (He had been against that name for months but agreed it was better than Ann Drew, which my sister had suggested!). God gave us the most miraculous and wonderful first baby we could have ever asked for. She is a joy and I can see great things in her future. Happy 16th Birthday to our first born. She makes us very proud. ~The it just the beginning?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girls with Curls site.

Found this awesome site dedicated to styling black curls on little girls. I loved it so much I wanted to share. I am lazy when it comes to styling my Miss Ruby's hair. I'm so thankful that her hair is easy and beautiful already.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year. New Focus.

Blogging occasionally crosses my mind and I think about writing again. But seriously, who has the time? Who really reads this stuff?! I got a beautiful comment the other day by "anonymous". It simply said "Maybe the Ferguson's could find time to give an annual update? ;)" that made my day. It also made me cringe just a bit because it reminded me that someone was actually reading and wanting more. Soooo. Here I am.

My focus is going to change. I will not be dedicating this blog to the sole upkeep and parenting of my children. My.Adopted.Children. Specifically. In fact, I would like to remove the "A" word (Adoption) almost completely from my vocabulary. It doesn't really serve much purpose, other than to describe how our little family became complete (if it is?). And, using that word isn't very useful in every day conversation unless it's educating in a positive manner and helping someone else in their journey to expanding their lives through "a..." The main reason I hope to use the word a lot less is so that members of my family don't feel exclusive in one manner or another. We are all ONE. Team Ferguson. That's our goal. Work together, Play together, Irritate, Aggravate, Make Up, Love and Enjoy Life To The Fullest. There are already so many things to take away from these beautiful things. Oh, be sure, I will have healthy doses of toddler moments. Teen troubles and possibly even spousal debates! ;) All of which, I hope to add some humor and remind others that being human can totally suck but with a positive attitude, there is always a brighter side. (And if I can't find the sunshine, I will still be brutally honest).

So, with very little adieu, Cheers to my 'new' blog focusing on my utterly boring life and how I cope. Mom to 2 of the hardest age groups. Two teens & Two toddlers. Can you say "Yikes!" with me? Oh. And if that wasn't enough...I've been married to my VERY type A handsome hubby for almost 21 years.

Fantabulously Yours,

Welcome to our site! We hope you enjoy the information we share during our adoption journey. As we document this wild ride to bringing home our Ethiopian children, we hope you'll fall in love with this beautiful country as we have.

Washington State, USA

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa