Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Pictures


Around here, one can tell it is Fall because the Ferguson's have started storing away firewood for the winter. Like old times (pre-Ruby and Roman), we have finally gotten back to "normalcy" and have been able to either start new projects or finish well as cut one Alder tree down in our pasture (Limbed, cut and stacked the whole tree! Now just the leaves and small branches need to be burned. There are three nice piles ready for a fall bonfire! I can almost smell it now!) Yesterday was simply gorgeous here in the Pacific NW and perfect weather for doing physical labor outside. Since I'm the type of person who would rather do anything outside (mowing the lawn, chopping & stacking wood, weeding, etc.) than anything inside (laundry, mopping, washing dishes), it was a wonderful day! I was reflecting on this yesterday, about how we weren't able to fill our woodshed last fall...there were two main reasons. One, we were still getting used to our new lives with two babies. They had only been walking a short while and were not very steady. Taking them outdoors in the rain was not easy because half the time we were picking them up from falling over. They had to be watched continuously and Roman was still putting everything in his mouth. The second reason was because we had SO MUCH rain! Buying a couple chords of wood just seemed easier, even though we broke the bank just to have enough to get through our cold, drizzly downpour of a season. Bleck!!!!
19 months later after bringing Ruby and Roman home, we are happily back to full blown "normal" and do everything pretty much the way we used to when we were just a family of four. We all have our role, our routine and it's wonderful that there really are no surprises. Because everything is routine, I have to stop and make myself acknowledge how perfect our family is. Please don't think I am being boastful...that's not my intention whatsoever. Merely, I am just in awe at how our God brought this family together in such a magnificent way. His timing, planning and love for us shows in the very children he brought into our lives (all four of them)...Timing truly can be everything!

I also want to talk specifically about my beautiful 14 year old. Our Chloe is a freshman this year! So hard to think about sometimes. Already in her three short weeks of school, she has a full schedule. She plays on the JV Volleyball team with practices every night after school, not to mention when she has games...her day is at least 10 hours long! We drop her off at 8am and pick her up at 6pm. Whew...She plays percussion in the school band and just attended her first Girls Club camp out in central Oregon. Every day she tells me delightful stories about school that day...her group of friends are uplifting, supportive and they all love being together. She has a healthy view about dating and boys and although she tells me that she 'thinks' one boy has a crush on her, she is not ready to date. I love that she has a healthy environment in which to thrive in high school! Attending the same school, 21 years ago (yikes...but it only feels like 5!), I always hoped that my children would find the same encouragement and 'fit'. In a nutshell, this year is off to a fabulous start for this new high schooler!
Knowing how fast the next four years will fly makes me quite melancholy. I am a very upbeat person, usually looking at things positively, even when they seem bleak. But seriously, thinking about my children growing up, making life changing choices and being safe really makes that little gray cloud of doom hover just a bit over my head. I want them to grow up, be happy and make good choices. But that little doom cloud reminds me that this won't always be the case. There will be times they mess up, make choices that I cannot fix and sometimes won't even be able to relate to whatsoever. Ugh. This has weighed on my mind a lot lately. Not because anything has happened to indicate so, but because I know it's inevitable because I've been there. All the nurturing, love and healthy support my mom gave me still did not 'save' me from making my own naive choices. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do drugs whatsoever, have only been flat out drunk once in my whole life and was actually a 'good' kid. But I had no clue how to handle my finances and there were many times I was completely broke, or worse...negative balance. My mom was there to talk to, but she also was a firm believer of not giving handouts. I had made my bed so to speak, so I needed to sleep in it. It always seemed so easy for her to be hard nosed, but now, being a similar type of mom, I know she was doing me a favor and not enabling me...and it was probably very difficult for her to stand by and let me fall. Lessons are hard to learn sometimes, but I am grateful. In 4 years, I will have an 18 year old and I am just a bit blue over that. So much can happen in four years. Weird to think that I was 20 years old when I got married and that is only 5 1/2 years older than Chloe is now. OK!!! With that, it's time to sign off now! Ruby and Roman are napping and there are more chores to do outside...or should I nap, too?!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elmo vs. Barney

Holy Granoli! I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged on here! Any computer time seems to be facebooking (yes, I'm's so...what's the right word...instant!) or searching for library books.
My babies are growing way too fast. We've crossed a milestone. Several of them, actually. They are both now two years old and even though at times they are light years away from each other, there are moments when they seem exactly like twins.
Ruby's favorite things are being very bossy to everyone. We often hear her saying "NO! Don't Touch!!" or "Stop It!!" or "Go Away!" or "No, I don't Want It!" favorite is when she tells on daddy for something he's done to her. Oh my...the child is controlling and absolutely beautiful all at once. She continues to mesmerize me and I am in awe of this incredible creature that is my daughter. Ruby also loves anything pink, purple or green. She will point and tell me "That one!" to the pink or purple bowl, sippy cup or utensil. She can count to 10 easily, knows several of her colors and can say many of the alphabet. The girl can also sing just about any tune after hearing it only once or twice. She is a lover of music and like postings before this one, she can still dance up a storm!!
Her favorite character is Barney and she sings the theme song with gusto and soul. Today she said "No more Elmo, mommy...we play Barney again?!"

Roman is so full of energy that I barely know what to do some days. He wakes up incredibly happy and full of character each and every morning. I do not think he has ever awoken on the wrong side of the bed. He's just naturally a "glass half full" type of little guy! Of course, this also leads to him doing a lot of head butting because he thinks that is just part of being full of life! The kids head is made out of concrete, I swear. So, in the morning, when he is showing how awake and happy he is, he does this by crawling over and bonking his head on part of mommy's body...usually my face. I've learned to cover my head with my arms! There is no reasoning with him, he just laughs. Hardly anything makes him cry. Unless it's not getting his mama! Yes, mama's boy he is...and I'm perfectly happy with that, too.
Romy talks all day long. We do not know 99% of what he's saying, but he's chattering away just the same. He can say about 5-8 actual words, although no sentences. I am not concerned yet...well, maybe just a teensy bit...but his pediatrician doesn't seem concerned since Romy is blabbering so much. His hearing is great and normal, so we'll just give him some more time. After all, my mom said I did the same thing until I was 3 1/2 and all of a sudden one day I exclaimed "Whoooo Whooo, look at that cute boy!" (For those who know me well, this should come as no surprise!)
Elmo is Roman's very favorite thing in the whole world, next to mama! He lives, eats and breathes Elmo...that is, if he could. He will communicate that he wants to watch Elmo or Sesame Street by saying "Elmo-mo, Elmo-mo??!!" and pushing me towards the TV. If he does not get his way, he will get cranky and throw a bit of a tantrum. But it never lasts long. There is something about that little red monster that he just LOVES. So, now you can understand why Ruby is sick of red furry monsters and prefers purple dinosaurs!!

The summer simply flew by and we are officially into fall since both older kids have started school. I have a 7th grader who is enjoying his classes, but still prefers to be home and playing on the computer or his Nintendo DS. I also have a freshman!!! Wow...she totally loves her 9th grade year so far and for the first time in her life adores PE! She is on the JV volleyball team and will have her first game soon. I am so excited for her! Both kids have fabulous teachers and I'm looking forward to a happy year.

Andrew is working on an assignment in sunny Southern California. What I wouldn't give to be there, too. I wish we were on vacation to Disneyland...I truly believe it is one of the happiest places on earth. He recently quit his job at Oracle and started working for Optimum Solutions, based out of the Bay area. He is really excited to be starting somewhere else after being in his old position for 10 years. It's a great change, plus better income. Providing for a family of six gets pretty tight...

We have taken the kids off of dairy milk (not cheese or ice cream or yogurts) and switched to Almond milk. It's a delicious and healthier alternative. I've noticed a big change in Ruby's regularity and the shelf life is amazing. Sippy cups no longer go 'bad' in the car all day. Literally! I haven't had a rotten 'milk' cup in months. Just my little .02 cents.

Well, I have so many things I could go on about but it's late and recently Roman has been waking up at 4:30am and thinking it's time to start his day. BLAH!!! To be the best mama I can be, I should go to sleep...NOW!

Not making any promises to write more often, but I SO appreciate those of you who have emailed and wondered where I've been! My kids are all doing great and we are just living life to the fullest every day. Praise God for His many blessings!


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