Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our Little Miracle!!

Frankly, I don't want to be blogging. It's been since June 5 (!!!) that I've updated, and I am still not really in the mood. I know, it is awful. I'm hot, tired and just want to facebook or watch TV or...I'm 100% being lazy. There is a part of me, or rather, us, that is totally used to the daily goings on of two babies added to our family. We have adapted well and it's not like we are still pinching ourselves every morning, yet, on some levels, it is hard to blog daily or weekly like I used to. Maybe it's just the summertime way of taking it easy. I hope others out there can relate...and for those of you still in the waiting process, I hope you will understand once your precious wee ones arrive home! But, it would practically be criminal not to blog and document such a wonderful occasion.

SO, I have titled this post with a happy birthday wish for Roman! Yikes, Yes!!! He is ONE YEARS OLD today!!!

I can't really believe it myself. He is so small, yet so feisty and energetic. This boy is all muscles and sturdy as all get out. He started sitting several weeks ago and then just took off. He crawls all over the entire house and licks the floors...yes, he is building his immune system! I'm pretty sure he ate a small clump of cat litter this morning. BLETCH!!!! I was sweeping near the litter box and Roman rounded the corner and scooped something up before I could stop him. I dug around for it, but between his tightly clamped mouth and quick swallowing, I didn't find a thing. I'm sure he will also find the cricket that escaped while I was trying to feed the lizard.

In the 5 1/2 months that I've known this beautiful little guy, it's like I've known him forever. He is a miracle to us. I can only imagine that his first mama is somewhere in the Amhara region, thinking about the baby boy she gave up in order that he may live. It's been a year ago to her...just a few months for me. I can only imagine...

So, the stats are: Roman is in the 10th percentile for weight, the 50th percentile for height and is waving, says "HI" once in awhile, says "Ma ma", "Da Da", "Dad", has said "Kitty", and his favorite, "Uh OH!!!!!" Ruby taught him that one! Although not quite pulling himself up yet, he is trying. He is still not real steady on all fours, but he's a little moose in his own right. This kid is very strong. I swear, when I'm diapering him, he sometimes seems stronger than I am!

Roman is extremely ticklish! I think every part of his body has a tickle spot. He loves to bite and I have the bruises to prove it. He is a hair puller and giggles with glee when told "NO!!!" It's great fun for him to get attention in this manner. OY! Are we in for it! What a stinker...Sometimes we can almost see the little horns growing out of his curly little head! LOL.

Romy was circumcised a few weeks ago. It went well and except for being one pissed off little dude when he was in recovery, he did great. He now has a normal Ferguson penis! Hee hee.

We are so much in love with this lil guy. He is cherished by his sisters and brother. His mama and daddy think the sun rises and sets on him. And yes, for all his orneriness, he can do no wrong in our eyes! :)

Let me switch gears now and concentrate on Ruby. What an angelic little girl! She is so gentle and kind. She loves giving kisses, saying and waving Bye Bye. Saying "HI!" to everyone and flashing those big dark eyes in flirtatious ways at the grocery store. Ruby and Roman are both huge flirts!! Ruby also says "Night Night", "Kitty", "Mom", "Dad", "I did it!!!", "What's This??", "baby", "Sammy" (who is our indoor dog), "Elliot", "I love you", "Hey baby!!!" (when talking on the phone), "NO NO" (which actually sounds like "Whoa, Whoa!" and also says in disgust "HEY!!!!" When something isn't going quite right for her. She never calls me's always "MOM" very matter of fact. I couldn't figure out why she didn't call me Mama or Mommy until Chloe mentioned that Ruby hears her and Elliot reference me as Mom all day long, so why would she call me anything else! DUH.
Her favorite toy is a small plastic pitcher that goes to her kitchen set and also her toy broom. She loves the ride-on airplane which she actually just pushes around the house.

Ruby is caring and affectionate to us all. She loves giving kisses and will pucker up and give them over just about anytime, but esp. at nap times. She loves her baby brother and will often times kiss and hug him. She plays well with him and allows him to take her toys away from her. I tell her to get them back, but she usually just lets him get away with it. I will intervene at times and show her it's ok to not allow that!
Ruby eats with a fork and bowl at mealtimes and is very efficient. She also is only walking and practically running now. She never crawls. She gets around very well and FAST. She adores getting into my kitchen drawers and usually will put things back away when she is done exploring. I find her to be quite conscientious!

Ruby is still very bonded with big brother, Elliot. This afternoon she snuggled up next to him on the couch and they watched TV together. She also rested her head on his chest and started to nap. It was so beautiful.

Elliot went to Big Lake Youth Camp last week and almost made it the whole time. We were called and told he was pretty sick and needed to drive down and get him. Ugh...poor guy! He's had a temp of 102 consistently for six days now. I'm calling the Dr. tomorrow!

Chloe is at camp there this week. Both of my older kids are an amazing help to me and having one gone will be tough...not to mention how much we will miss her! Hopefully she stays well!

Andrew flew out today for a new assignment in Omaha, NE. He, too, was starting to feel flu symptoms. Praying that he gets better and Elliot also kicks this bug FAST. Not really wanting to think the words "swine flu"...

Well, I'm pooped and heading for bed. I still can't believe I have a one year old now! My heart is joyful and sad. Time goes too quickly.


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