Monday, December 29, 2008


We passed court!!! We passed court!!! What an amazing journey this entire experience has been. We are SO grateful for all the prayers and best wishes you all have extended to us.
Right now there really aren't words to express how we are feeling...disbelief is one because we have had such a wonderful adoption experience and the thought that something could go wrong at any time is always there. Pure elation is probably the best word, though.

I know we will catch flack from everyone (esp. those of you who have not been able to see the babies pictures yet) but our agency has still requested that we not post public pictures until the babies are physically in our arms. This is not for us, but for all the other pending international adoptions out there...the parents who are still waiting to pass court. Right now international adoptions are very volatile. Posting pictures of children who are not physically in their new parents care can hamper adoption relations for others. It's a sticky thing...So, we want to do everything we can to help others attain the same joy at being new parents as we can. If you would like to see Ruby and Roman, please email me or post your email and we will send you private pictures. Thank you so much for understanding!!!

Love and Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Inspired to Pray

I've really been inspired to pray earnestly about our babies upcoming court date on Dec. 29th.
After hearing about numerous failed court dates by other prospective adoptive parents (PAP's) due to missing documents or the biological parent not showing up in court (as with relinquished children), I am starting to have fear and doubt. I know this IS NOT an emotion coming from God. So, I am praying for a flawless and smooth, successful passing of our court documents and that on Dec. 29, Ruby and Roman will officially be ours.
Will you join me in prayer?
Please ask God for His divine will be done above all else. (Yes, I guess this even means if we fail court on the 29th...He is in charge and He knows what He's doing).
Please pray for the judge that he finds clarity in the paperwork. Please pray for the Ministry of Women's Affairs that they find favor with the babies joining our family. A positive recommendation from MOWA is needed to pass court.
Please pray for Ruby's first mama. Pray that she has peace and hope. Prayers that she will have the strength she needs to come to court if summoned. Prayers for a healthy body, that she may be able to make a better life for herself. I feel a closeness to this woman who nurtured our baby girl for almost 7 months. We are family, even though we will probably never meet here on earth.
Prayer for Roman's first family. It must have taken such sacrifice to give up this tiny baby. Prayer that Roman's first mama is strong and healthy and that she may someday make a difference in her community. I know nothing about this woman. I do not know her age nor her name. But I know she gave birth to a son we will always share. I will never forget her and will always keep her near to my heart. I hope we will get to meet both of these woman in Heaven someday soon. I hope they know in their hearts that the babies they parted with are loved and cherished, even before they come into our home.
And of course, pray for Ruby and Roman that they will be healthy and happy. That their transition will be smooth when we finally meet.
Thank you for praying with our family and for our family.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Flies

It was this time last year when I was attending Chloe and Elliot's Christmas programs at school. Since one was in elementary and the other in middle school, the programs were held on different nights. I recall saying to several friends "Whew, this will be the last year I have to go to TWO different programs!" Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! Little did I really know that God had SUCH big plans for our family!!!
It doesn't seem possible that a year has flown by! We were also planning our trip to S. Dakota to see my parents...and that was also when my mother uttered those unforgettable words "I think you should adopt"...
Fast forward to now, Dec. 9, 2008. We are staring at two of Ethiopia's most beautiful children through pictures my friend "T" took while at the Toukoul Orphanage last week. Roman has changed 100% since his first referral picture, showing a severely underweight and gaunt preemie! He is now chubby, full of beautiful color and has the most adorable face!
Ruby is a stunning child. Full of health and vitality from the first picture, we knew she had been loved and nurtured from the start by her first mama. We are so grateful for the start she gave her precious baby girl.
We are forever grateful to both our babies first mama's. They gave life to these precious children! We'll never fully know the pain and heartache they have endured in order for their children to have a better life.
In a few years, I will once again be attending separate Christmas programs for all of my children. By the time Ruby and Roman are in school, Chloe will be graduated and heading to college. Elliot will be in high school. As I write this, I feel a great sadness. Our first babies are growing way too fast. Our second babies are not even in our arms. But, in my sadness, I am also filled with gratitude for a truly remarkable life. I am very blessed.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Showers Galore!

I apologize to everyone who planned my baby shower on Nov. 23. I should have posted something about it already. With Thanksgiving and the update on the babies happening the day before, I guess I just had an oversight!
So, my sister Cindy, my oldest friend Jennifer and my husband all collaborated on throwing me a surprise baby shower a few weeks ago. And, although all of these people SHOULD KNOW how much I hate surprises, they went and did it anyway! It was a LOVELY turn out. I am very blessed by all the friends I have. I was feelin the love as they went around the room and told how they know me and the friendship we share. Andrew hosted some very fun games and hopefully educated some of the attendee's on Ethiopian culture. He outdid himself and I think all those ladies were quite impressed with his game throwing talents!
In the middle of the room (THANK YOU DANA, for hosting!!!) was a huge stack of gifts. Ruby and Roman got more clothes than they possibly can wear and we also got a wonderful supply of books!!! A very dear friend got us the much needed high chair that attaches to a regular chair and we also got some toys. I would take pics but I'm heading out to Costco and the doctor's office. But, I will do this soon...
Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such a wonderful shower. Good thing it wasn't a complete surprise, otherwise ya'll would have been in BIG trouble! =)
I love you!

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