Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swinging from the rafters

I'm battling a cold. My two youngest are stir crazy and completely bored from staying indoors this early Spring. My oldest is getting very poor grades from playing catch up from our 2 vacations this school year. I'm feeling overwhelmed and frankly, exhausted.
A few hours ago I caught my little ones standing on the dining room table, pulling the ceiling fan chain over and over, practically hanging from it. Zing, zang, zing, zang...O yeah. It's one of those days. These are the kinds of days/weeks where I say to myself "Self, there is a little boy in Ethiopia who is waiting for his family. Are you his mommy??!!" At to which, I answer often "Yes, I am!"..."No, I'm not!"..."Yes, I am! Oh Dear Lord. Am I? Show me the way"...
We met this little boy 3 years ago when we were bringing home R&R. He fell in love with me and of course, I reciprocated his warmth & affection. I was smitten. He took pieces of my heart and I hope he still holds them like I do his...but he was only 4. I must remind myself that he probably took to many mommies and daddy's over the past few years. He is now 7...where he is I do not know. Prayerfully I hope that he has actually found his forever family. Prayerfully I hope he hasn't so he can come home to us. Prayerfully I ask "What is it I really want...oops, but more importantly Lord, what is it that YOU want for me?!"
My thoughts and emotions are swinging from the rafters it seems. At this point, these idea's are mostly all my own. My dear hubby does not share in the notion that we should have another little mouth to feed. I know that if we open our hearts and minds, anything can happen...and I am open to...anything.

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